Love My Co-worker

June 1st, 2001

“Dear joe,

i am madly in love with a girl in my office. i have told her and she understands me very well. And she is a very close of friend of mine and of course she know how much i love her. But she already have a love, and she is very serious about it. i dont know what to do. now i cant concentrate in my work, moreover, i get very jealous when she talks to someone. for the past few days i havent talked to her and i try to ignore her, but she comes to me to talk. but i cant see her in any other way. i really want her. all of her without sharing her with tell me what to do…..”


Jo’s Advice

I’m afraid there’s not much you can do, my friend. She knows all about your love, but is clearly not in anyway interested.

It’s time you bowed out graciously, accepted your fate, and, if the pain is too much, found a new job. I can’t really recommend any more action than that.

What I recommend you don’t do, however, is to develop an obsession, plaster your bedroom with photos of her secretly taken by telescopic lense cameras, and start stalking this chick.

Generally, these sort of advances aren’t taken too kindly by the object of affection.

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Love My Co-worker