Lied About My Sex Life And Lost Him

January 1st, 2001

“My boyfriend and i broke up after a year because i wasn’t honest about how many people i have slept with and now I am going crazy because i want him back and I feel really stupid for lying.

What should i do?”

Dallas O’Dell

Chris’ Answer

There’s a sad double standard in our society. It’s OK for guys to have had lots of partners, but not girls.

This leads to an enormous pressure for girls to lie if they think their boyfriend will think they are ‘too experienced’.

Personally, though, I’m happy to hear that a girl has had dozens of previous encounters. I take it as a sign she’s more likely to let me have sex with her.

However, your boyfriend is angry that you lied to him. You have abused his trust. You need to regain that trust again. You need to be totally honest and open. My advice is to tell him about each and every one of your previous sexual encounters. In detail. A lot of detail.

Graphic details. Heaps of them.

It may not get him back. But if it doesn’t, he’ll know exactly what he’s missing out on.

Liam’s Answer

Dallas, when I’m depressed, I try to lose myself in a orgy of sexual excess, and I suggest you do the same too.

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Lied About My Sex Life And Lost Him