Leonardo DiCaprio Look-alike

February 1st, 2004

“I look like Leonardo Dicaprio and live in Los Angeles. Can I make money
from that?”

Nathan Smith

Chris’ Answer

The only way I can see you making money from looking like Leonardo
Dicaprio is by blackmail.

Contact the real Leonardo and tell him that unless he pays you $1000
bucks a week, you will deliberately let yourself be caught on a security
camera giving oral sex to bouncer in the toilets of a high class LA

Sure, it’s extreme, but we all have to make sacrifices for large sums of money.

James’ Answer

Not even the real Leonardo Dicaprio is making much money from that
at the moment. You’d have more chance if you looked like Leonardo
from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

James Hazelden is February’s guest problem solver.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Look-alike