Is It Big?

July 17th, 2002

“I want to know if my penis is actually big or if a girls see’s it she will laugh…….”

Long John Wanna-be

Liam’s Answer

Thankfully, you didn’t attach a picture. But without seeing it, giving an authoritative answer will be kind of difficult.

In my experience, girls are usually too polite to actually laugh at your willy, despite what they may actually think about it.

Generally they’re more concerned that their bum looks too big.

I can understand your fear. Compared with breasts, the male genitalia isn’t the prettiest site in the world. This is a survival mechanism.

Men spend enough time obsessed about their penises as it is. Imagine if it was actually good to look at too. We’d never get out of the bathroom. Ever.

We’d starve to death admiring ourselves.

So be thankful you thin your willy’s small. It means you can get on with the important things in like. Like watching sports.

Chris’ Answer

If you’ve got to ask, it’s too small.

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Is It Big?