Incest in West Virginia

June 24th, 2008

“can first counsins that live in west virginia go to tennessee and get married and come back to west virginia and still live im west virginia as residents ?”

angela graham

Dan’s Answer

To get to the heart of the problem, one must ask another question: What are the consequences of marrying one’s cousin?

Judging by your spelling and grammar I’m sure you’ve had at least one distant uncle who’s jumped boughs without leaving the tree, so genetically your unborn children have little to lose.

What’s more, you save a few awkward festive holidays of the in-laws getting to know each other. Veritable incest has prevented more than one drunken knife attack in our lifetimes.

But to return to your original question: can you come back to West Virginia as residents?

No, I’m afraid you can’t. You will love Tennessee so much that you will stay. As will your children, and your children with their children.

Dan Walmsley

Gavin’s Answer

I can’t see why not. Trailers are designed to let you go and live anywhere aren’t they?

Gavin Baskerville

James’ Answer

Yes they can. And, more importantly, your spastic offspring can live in West Virginia and get married to each other in West Virginia and repeat themselves in West Virginia.

James Hazelden

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Incest in West Virginia