I Want To Stop Loving Him

March 30th, 2007

“How do I get out of love with my ex-boyfriend. Should I stop talking to him on the phone or not. I really, really, really love him. But I told him I slept with two more boys. What should I do?”

Lanquette Monroe

Liam’s Answer

If I understand your predicament, you broke up with a guy, slept with 2 other gentlemen (whether sequentially or simultaneously is unclear, but irrelevant) despite the fact you still were in fact in love with the first guy. Let’s call him Andrew, and now you want to stop loving him?

It’s quite common for people to do things they regret and want to undo. That’s why in a perfect world Ctrl-Z would work on more than just your keyboard.

From what you say, it seems Andrew isn’t too fussed about the other fellas. He’s still talking to you on the phone, after all. So really, if you love him, and he’s prepared to forgive and forget, then my recommendation is not to give Andrew up any way.

In Fact, he seems like the ideal man. My guess is he’s so in love with you that he’d continue to take your calls even if you were only ringing him up to give a blow-by-blow description of your latest conquests. In fact, that may be the actual reason he still spends time with you at all.

My recommendation is to start recording your calls to Andrew, and then sell the transcripts as erotic fiction. He’ll be happy, and your royalty check will more than cover the room at the Super 8.

Chris’s Answer

Obviously being desperately in love with someone make dumping them difficult. This is a situation that usually calls for romance, not relationship ruination..

What you need to do is come to the realization that you actually loathe this guy. Make a list of all his goal points. Now, rewrite that list in a negative way. For example:

His Good Point… … Re-written As A Negative
  • He loves to Cook
  • He refuses to allow me to express my femininity by spending time in the kitchen.
  • He always makes sure I am sexually satisfied.
  • Sex takes too long.
  • He has the most gorgeous smile.
  • He constantly shows off his teeth and will cost me a fortune in cosmetic dentistry as I try to compete.
  • Very soon, you will grow to loathe this loser, and will stop returning his pesky phone calls.

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    I Want To Stop Loving Him