I Want To Marry Liam

January 1st, 2000

“Hey Jo,

I love your column and you always have the right words for everyone.

So, help me: I wanna marry Liam.

I know he doesn’t know me and I don’t even live in Australia. But we are in the same hemisphere and I’m really cute!

What are my odds with pretty boy Liam???

Little Feather!”


Jo’s Answer

Given that Liam is pretty desperate, I’d say your chances are excellent. As long as you’ve got one head and approximately the right number of arms and legs, I’d say you’re in with a good chance.

There is a problem with long distance relationships, though. Airline food before and after every shag.

Frankly, Little Feather, Liam’s not worth putting up with that for.

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I Want To Marry Liam