I Want My Boyfriend Back

January 1st, 2000

“me and my boyfriend broke up last night after 4 months and i miss him. how can i say that i am sorry for acting stupid and make him listen?”

traci d

Jo’s Advice

We all do stupid things in the heat of the moment. I once got carried away and told a guy I was really in love with that I deserved much better than him and had slept with his best friend, only part of which was true.

The only way to take back what you’ve said is to grovel. The trick is grovelling without making yourself so low he loses all respect for you. And then you’ve got to get him to sit still long enough to hear you out. Food is always good for this – take him out to lunch or cook him dinner. Either way, he’s staying put until the meal is done, so you’ve got between 10 and 25 minutes to put your case (depending on how much of a pig he is).

Plan what you are going to say carefully. Dwell on the good times, pretend the bad times never happened. If there was a particular thing you did well in the bedroom department, by all means refer to this, but never accept or attribute blame (this can come back to torture you later). Systematically and logically explain why you’d both be better off getting back together.

Alternatively, you could get yourself an all in one leather gimp outfit complete with handcuffs and gag, tie him up, profess your undying love for him, and then whip him into submission. Whatever’s your style.

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I Want My Boyfriend Back