I Want A Filipino Bride

January 1st, 1998

“How much would it cost to import and marry a Philippine slave?”

R Mc Donald

Jo’s Advice

That depends on how you look at it. Your definition of cost may be different from mine, but either way you’re up for a lot.

Firstly, you’ve got all your self-respect, lost when you realise that you have paid and in

effect forced someone to be with you rather than earned their love – that’s gotta be worth a fair bit.

Then there’s the respect of all your peers, lost when they discover you’re the sort of person to do such a thing. It’s going to cost you your dignity, pride and integrity.

If you believe in this sort of thing, it could cost you your soul in the after life for mistreating another human being in such a way.

It may even cost you your freedom when you get convicted for trading in human flesh.

Look, it’s a high price to pay but you may feel that its worth it. I know I once bought a pair of shoes for $260 that cost me sore feet, blisters and a dislocated knee when I fell off the heel on the dance floor, but even then they looked stunning which made it all worthwhile.

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I Want A Filipino Bride