I Turned Lesbian While My Boyfriend Watched

January 1st, 2000

“Well the other day my boyfriend asked me to have sex with another girl and I did but now I am a lesbian. How do I tell him? HELP”


Jo’s Advice

Breaking up with anyone is hard. Telling someone that it’s over is the most difficult thing in the world. Harder than balancing an egg on a spoon while you run 100 miles through crocodile-infested swamp land, that’s for sure.

Just be honest and open. Say “You know how I had sex with that other girl. She was heaps better than you’ll ever be, loser-boy. You’re so bad in the sack, you’ve converted me to lesbianism. Thanks. It’s great. If you weren’t such a lousy lay, I might never have found out. I owe you one.”

Your boyfriend was probably telling you that he wanted to have sex with another girl, and you mis-heard. Since he wanted to do it with someone else, he probably won’t mind. Men are funny like that.

At least, he’ll be happy with the knowledge you’re looking for something he hasn’t got.

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I Turned Lesbian While My Boyfriend Watched