I Like Bunnies

December 1st, 2003

“I like bunnies. They hop around with their fluffy little bums in the air and I can’t stop thinking about them.

My girlfriend says its not normal for a guy to have lots of fluffy bunnies in the bedroom but I think it’s all OK.

What should I do?”

brett plummer

Chris’ Answer

Don’t sweat it. Hugh Hefner’s bedroom has at least six bunnies in it at any given time, and no one accuses him of not being normal.

Liam’s Answer

It’s perfectly normal to have a thing for fluffy little bunnies. There are large number of well loved rabbits in the world. Bugs Bunny. The Easter Bunny. Peter Rabbit. Brer Rabbit. Thumper. The entire cast of Watership Down.

It is, however, entirely pervy to ask your girlfriend to hop into a rabbit suit and eat a kilo of carrots as ‘foreplay’.

Pervy, but I’m sure there’s a girl out there who shares your predilection. You just need to find her.

I’d take out ads in a rabbit fanciers club newsletter. There are dozens, but this one looks particularly full of women who’d be very keen for some ‘manly buck’ in their lives.

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I Like Bunnies