I Have A Small Penis

May 24th, 2003

“I have a small penis and i want a girl to sleep with me but i don’t no if she will like me because of it. What should i do?”


Liam’s Answer

In my limited experience, girls are not all that concerned with penis size. I say “limited experience” because I’ve only ever had the one penis, and it’s always been roughly the same size.

Obviously it was smaller when I was six. But when I was six, girls weren’t at all interested in my penis. And, to be frank, they’re still not all that interested in it now.

However, I’ve never had any women complain about the size. They complain about a whole lot of other stuff, but not the size.

If you’re scared that your penis is too small, I recommend you date a dwarf. Your penis will seem enormous to her, even if it’s only really tadpole sized.

Chris’ Answer

I did some research on your behalf at the pub last Saturday. I chatted up every girl I saw with the line “Hi, I’m Dustin, and I have a three-inch penis”.

You’d be surprised how many women are impressed with such forthright honesty. Not one.

No girl is likely to ever love you. I suggest you join the priesthood. Young boys have little to compare with.

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I Have A Small Penis