I hate math class

January 7th, 2007

“I hate math class, and I hate doing homework in that class. Should i do it?”

megan permer

Liam’s Answer

Math is important if you want to spend your life as a mathematician, but in this modern day and age, there’s absolutely no need for us to know math. Why the hell else did they invent calculators?

Quite clearly, your math teacher has gone insane from breathing too much chalk and reciting Pythagoras’ Theorem to himself late at night when he once again realizes that quoting pi to 64 decimal places does not work well ‘with the ladies’.

How do I know? Well, he’s getting you to do your homework in class. That’s just wrong. What’s he going to do next? Start teaching at home and turn up at your house halfway through the next episode of “Biggest Loser” to encourage you to calculate who’s lost the largest percentage of their flab?

You need to stop this madness now! Don’t simply refuse to do your math homework. You need to take positive action. Each time your math teacher does something a little crazy, or just plain disgusting, make a note of the time and topic. Then, at the end of term, present your math teacher with a chart of his descent into insanity, and a prediction of how many weeks it will be until he gets sent to the loony bin.

He will either give you an A+, or try to bite you

Chris’ Answer

Mathematics is vitally important. The world is becoming increasingly reliant on math and science, but strangely fewer people understand it. More importantly, a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts can help you have sex. (Particularly if you want to have sex with your math teacher.)

Most people don’t know this, but you encounter an amazing tongue-twister in Pi when you recite it to 64 decimal places. This tongue-twister is an ideal way of preparing your tongue for a prolonged session of French kissing.

A thorough understanding of probability and statistics helps you determine which sexual activities you prefer, and the likelihood of a happy encounter with any boys you can convince to undertake your survey also.

And explaining calculus to someone is an excellent method of birth control.

Do your homework, and study hard. At the end of semster, seduce your teacher to reward him for his patience and attentiveness as a teacher. He will either give you an A+, or try to bite you.

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I hate math class