How Do I Become A Comedian?

January 1st, 1997

“How do you become a world-famous comedian, such as yourself?

As an accountant, I am looking for a change in career and I like the look of being popular and funny. Any tips?”


Jo’s Advice

When you’re starting out, the thing is to stick to what you know, and make joeks about that. If you do jokes about things you’ve never heard of, you spend too much time researching, and it’s just not worth it.

So, do some observational comedy about accounting. You can easily spot observational comedy. It usually starts with “What’s going on there?”.

Here’s a bit to get you started.

“Tax. What’s going on there? Doing your taxes is so boring isn’t it, you never get around to it. Which is funny, because when you do your taxed, the goverment send you a refund. It’s like, they pay you to do your taxes, but you don’t do it because it’s so dull. Lucky for me, hey, since I’m an accountant.”

Or, just invent a great accountant joke. Like, “How did the accountant commit suicide? He jumped off the ledger.”

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How Do I Become A Comedian?