Hiding From Parents

January 1st, 2001

“Where is the best place to hide from over protective parents?”

Carolinna Baites

Liam’s Answer

A place they won’t look in a hurry is the best bet.

It’s hard from kids these days. Parents can now have a GPS chip inserted into their kids so they can know exactly where they are. Of course, using satellites, GPS is not perfect, so my advice is to hide deep underground.

The caves at Torah Borah in Afghanistan fits the bill perfectly. Deep underground, and your parents won’t be in a hurry to look there.

that said, hell hath no fury like a father worried about his little girl. So you may have a side effect of turning your Dad into the perfect killing macine to clean out the remaining al Qaeda forces.

Chris’ Answer

Your bedroom is a safe haven. If your parents want to monitor you in there, say that’s fine, and install a web cam.

Your parents will be happy that they know where you are, and you’ll earn up to $10,000 a week from subscribers to CarolinnaCam.com

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Hiding From Parents