Help Me, I’m Stupid

January 1st, 2001

“i’ve been strucken with a bout of stupidity and there is no cure i just keep doin stupider and stupider things and i don’t care i just laugh which is stupid in it’s self please help”


Jo’s Advice

We’ve all done stupid things. We’ve all laughed at inappropriate times. Who hasn’t smiled seductively at someone, then walked BANG! into a light pole. Who hasn’t asked “What day’s Good Friday this year?” Who hasn’t stuck a suction cup to their forehead, then got a massive suction bruise?

Not me. But I know people who have. And when they come to me for reassurance, I tell them all the same thing.

“Keep away from me, you loser freak. I don’t want your geek vibes rubbing off onto me.”

So, whatever, you do Jazza, don’t come near me. You sound like a total tool.

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Help Me, I’m Stupid