Help Me Be Funny

April 25th, 2005

“I am a junior at University of Central Florida. School bores me and I’ve always been funny. Any advice for me on how to go about getting my comedy career started.”

Jeff Pickles

Chris’ Answer

To be a truly great comedian, you need to work on a comic persona that drives and informs your character’s actions and reactions to any circumstance. All great stand-ups have such a persona. Woody Allen was always depressed. Rodney Dangerfield never got no respect. Jeff Foxworthy is a red neck.

You need to provide your persona with a deep and nuanced understanding of the world and your relationship to it. The persona has to be a person to some extent, or you’ll just be a simple parody. The more shades of grey that you can find, the more the audience will be prepared to follow you on flights of comic fancy.

Good luck.

Liam’s Answer

Learn a lot of dick jokes and tell them to people.

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Help Me Be Funny