Hearing Voices

July 23rd, 2008

“I hear voices in my head kind of like a radio but 24 -7 .. still its better then doing drugs – not that i have ever done them but i have friends, well old friends, that are way fucked up because they fucked around with stuff you should not still fuck them. Anyone else hear voices in there head..? ít would be good to know some one else..ok be good and as i learnt in Iraq stay low move fast lol v out Jay”

Jay wood

James’ Answer

Having voices in your head 24/7 is no picnic. If it is like a radio, perhaps you could tune your voices to something like Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter novels. He has a very sweet and gentle voice, and this will help keep you away from the fucking drugs that fucked your friends so that no fucker would ever want to fuck them.

I often also hear voices in my head, but it doesn’t happen as often since I accidentally dropped my IPod in some soup.

Good Luck

James Hazelden

Vayas Answer

Think of them as the feature commentary on the DVD that is your life. You’re lucky. I only have one inner monologue: the waffling, overly critical director. You, however, get the whole zany cast!

Let’s just hope your life is not ‘Dude, Where’s My Car.’

Vaya Pashos

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Hearing Voices