He Lied About Everything

January 1st, 2001

“Dear jo,

i talked to this boy for almost a month and we had a really good relationship. unfortunately he was lying about everything and he didnt really care about me at all. i am so hurt and i dont know if i can go on.i literally feel sick around him. will this pain ever go away?”


Jo’s Advice

How do you know he was lying about everything? Maybe he was lying about

lying about everything. Maybe he actually really does like you but he’s too gutless to tell you.

Then again, maybe I’m just playing with your mind.

The reality is this guy is probably a compulsive liar and you’re actually quite lucky it’s all over.

Honesty is vital in any relationship, and anything less is heading for a Tom and Nicole style breakup – where everything, including faithfulness, religion and sexuality, is questioned – although I doubt yours would hit the front pages in the same way.

You may not believe me, but a month isn’t a very long time to be involved with someone.

I promise you, you will get over this guy and the pain will go away soon. I predict within the next 3 months.

Trust me, I never lie.

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He Lied About Everything