He Is Immature and Selfish

October 23rd, 2006

“My boyfriend is immature and extremely selfish! What can/should I do?”

Danielle Morgan

Liam’s Answer

If you don’t want to love someone who is immature and extremely selfish, I suggest lesbianism.

Boys are notorious for being immature and selfish. Unless they’re gay, in which case they’re tender yet self-centred.

Chris’ Answer

Immaturity stems from not having had life’s many experiences that tend to make one grow up. The death of one’s parents, buying a home, or trying to make sense of an income tax form are all small steps on the path to maturity.

The road for your boyfriend is simple. Kill his parents, get him to buy a house with his inheritance, and force him to do your taxes, and you’ll be fine.

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He Is Immature and Selfish