Having A Cyber Affair

January 1st, 2001

“I’m fooling around in a chat room with this guy— only on the computer. Never met him, never will. Purely online for the past couple of nites. Is it wrong? I’m in a relationship–but need some excitement.”

Lee Lee

Jo’s Advice

I don’t know that your behaviour is exactly wrong. You’re only acting out a little bit of fantasy.

My concern is that you find fooling around on the computer exciting.

Where do you live? New Zealand?

Surely there’s other ways of finding excitement. Make love with your partner in a semi-public place, go dancing all night long and flirt with someone at the bar, hell, spy on a couple of badgers doing it in the forest.

Anything’s got to be more exciting than sitting alone in your study, exchanging corny sexual come-on’s out of some bad Mills and Boon Romance novel with somebody that could easily be a pimply 12 year old virgin from Manchester who is developing a very close relationship with his or her elder brother’s Playboy.

Now go and connect with your partner in a very real sense – there’s a great movie on the tele tonight and he’d love some company.

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Having A Cyber Affair