I Hate My Physics Teacher

January 1st, 2001

“What shall I do with my physics teacher???


Mina Hinshaw Green

Liam’s Answer

This is a tough problem. I never particularly liked my Physics teacher, and dropped out of physics. As a result, my chance of a rewarding career of being a physics teacher was cut short.

Physics is the most over-rated science subject. We all have to obey the laws of physics anyway, whether we know them or not. So what the hell help is it to actually know the laws?

Does knowing the laws of physics help you get a high paying job as a lawyer? No. Does knowing the laws of physics help you to seem interesting to members of the opposite sex on a Saturday night. No way.

Mina, your teacher doesn’t need your hate. She needs your pity. She’s wasted her life. She has a dead end job which doesn’t pay her enough. Everyone hates her, and she’ll probably die lonely.

Point that out to her in your next class.

Chris’ Answer

Mina, pay close attention in your chemstry class. Any mention of the words “volatile”, “extremely dangerous” and “do not under any circumstances” will give you key clues about how to blow up your physics teachers car.

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I Hate My Physics Teacher