Hate My Co-worker

January 1st, 2001

“I work at Burger King as a cook in the back. I don’t really like working there for a few reasons. The biggest reason being that I can’t stand one of the people that I normally work with.

She hardly does any work, but she’s adored by the managers so she doesn’t get fired.

I’ve tried doing very little work like she does when she’s around, but it doesn’t help.

What should I do?”


Liam’s Answer

You’ve tried to do the right thing by copying her, Jimmy, and I’m sad to hear it hasn’t worked.

This calls for extreme measures.

You need to get her out of there. Immediately.

That’s going to be hard, given the manager likes her.

You’re going to have to frame her for murdering your boss. That way, whether he likes her or not will be irrelevant. He’ll be dead.

Chris’ Answer

Have you thought about finding a job in the McDonald’s over the road?

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Hate My Co-worker