Girlfriend Going Interstate

September 15th, 2003

“My girlfriend is going away to university in about three weeks, She wants to stay together, and because of regular visits home it will work out.

What are your views?”

Bill Winters

Chris’ Answer

As soon as your girlfriend moves interstate to University, you’ll quickly lose track of her. For the first three months, she’ll come back regular as clockwork. But after a few months, the space between trips will get longer and longer. By the end of the year, she won’t even remember what you look like.

Use this to your advantage. Have an affair on her while she’s away.

Liam’s Answer

Long distance relationships are tough. You get all the downside of having a girlfriend, like nightly telephone calls talking about ‘us’, and “where is our relationship heading”. But you don’t get the benefit of regular sex.

Your best bet is to have a big fight with her on her second-last night. Break up. Then, on her last night, the make up sex will be fantastic. Then, you’ll both be able to move on with good memories.

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Girlfriend Going Interstate