Get Over An Ex

January 1st, 1999

“Joey Jo Jo,

My girlfriend and I have broken up, but I can’t stop thinking about her. Do have any advice that will let me get over her?”

Frankie Ellis

Jo’s Advice

I’ve never experienced this problem first hand; I always dump my boyfriends at the first opportunity. But, you might like to do what one of my ex’s did when he couldn’t get over me.

He discovered the best way to stop thinking of an ex-lover was to spend a week in a torrid sexual encounter with my best friend.

Not only did he get a wonderful afterglow of revenge at the time, but for weeks later, the utmost thought in his mind was “What the hell have I done?!? I’m a worthless shit. Oh, God, my life is over.”

Finally, he topped himself.

And, magically, he was over me.

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Get Over An Ex