Get My Boyfriend In Check

January 1st, 1999

“How can i get my boyfriend in check?”

Brandi Newton

Jos’ Advice

I’m a bit uncertain as to what your question is. If you mean how can I keep my boyfriend in check, as in under control, there are a few options.

Bribe him with food (tends to work for dogs and children), or you could bribe him with sex (if you had no self-esteem and were willing to sink that low).

You could give him an ultimatum, claiming you’ll walk if he doesn’t exercise some restraint (problem there is, you have to be ready to walk if he goes off the wire again).

Or the easiest thing I think is to drug him.

Just slip him a micky every now and then, and he’ll be the pussy cat (or the drooling idiot) you’re looking for.

On the other hand if you mean keep my boyfriend in check as in gingham, join a line dancing club and get a life, although I would suggest those two things are mutually exclusive.

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Get My Boyfriend In Check