From Russia with Lav

August 4th, 2010

“Dear Sir,

Does the story about Neil Armstrong’s alleged famous words spoken on the Moon ‘Good Luck Mr Gorsky!’ have anything to do with the name of your website?

Yours truly, ┬áLAV from Russia”

Chris’ Answer

Mr. Lav, that is a great question.

The Gorskys were named at a special naming ceremony in 1997, in which a captive audience in a little pub in Melbourne was asked to suggest a new name for the then “Toasted Marshmallows”.

There is good reason to believe that the audience member who suggested this name was a fan of internet lore, and may have been influenced by the story you mention.

The truth is none of us can remember how exactly the name came about as we were all too drunk.


From Russia with Lav