Foot Stuck In Butt

January 1st, 1999

“I kicked this guy in the butt after school because I was mad and my foot got stuck what am I going to do help me”

Lisa Paulubeski

Jo’s Advice

Dear Lisa,

Your lack of punctuation indicates the urgent nature of your problem.

It must be pretty hard sitting at a computer while that guy has to stand there, right next to you, with your foot up his bum.

Has he complained at all? Has he noticed?

I think that secretly you want to marry this guy, and that’s why you kicked him.

You should propose to him. Just say “I’ve already got my foot in your ring. That’s as good as the engagement thing, so let’s make a booking for a church.”

This will do one of two things. Either you’ll both hobble along to the church, make the booking, and live happily ever after, or, he’ll get so scared he’ll run a million miles, and your foot will be free.

Good luck.

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Foot Stuck In Butt