Flat Looking Dated

July 21st, 2003

“How should I decorate my flat (apartment)? The contemporary look is becoming so dated and I just don’t know what the in-thing is anymore?”

Chris Card

Liam’s Answer

Technically it’s impossible for the contemporary look to get dated. Definitionally, the contemporaty look is just whatever happens to be stylish at any given moment.

However, any look that is totally fashionable today is likely to as look as out of date as out of place as George W Bush at a peace rally within a week.

Which is easy to solve. You just need to replace all your furniture every Thursday.

Happily, the economy is pretty poor. As a result, shops are desperate for sales. You can buy with $0 down and no interest to pay for 18 months pretty much just about anywhere these days.

Which is about 75 weeks of total stylishness before you even need to make a payment. And 76 weeks until you need to move states.

Go for it.

Chris’ Answer

My tip for the next big ‘look’ is to own a 30 year old chocolate brown vinyl couch with broken springs and a missing cushion. Luckily, I have one to sell you for only $5,000.

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Flat Looking Dated