I Find Both Attractive

May 24th, 2003

“I find both of you VERY attractive.

  1. Which one of you should I choose?
  2. How would I get you or the other member into bed for a bit of a bonk?

Cheers Lads”

Hp N

Liam’s Answer

I am glad that you find us both attractive Hp. That makes you and our mums.

To be honest, getting me into bed is easy. I’m a push over. Literally. I blame a poor sense of balance. One tiny push on my shoulder, and I’m over.

You should of course choose me, as I’m taller.

Chris’ Answer

Finding both of us attractive suggests you’re basically desperate, and would shag anything with a pulse.

You should choose me. I not only have a pulse, but a heart. And to make up for not being as tall as Liam, I try harder.

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I Find Both Attractive