Fill The Gap

August 11th, 2004

“Since I can only post on GORSKYS.COMedy when I’m not on my home computer – what should I do to fill the non-Gorskys gap? How the hell can I entertain myself?”


Liam’s Answer

It’s horrible that you need to spend even a minute of your day not permanently plugged in to our site. GORSKYS.COMedy is updated frequently, and there’s always something new to enjoy.

And soon, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you’ll be able to have access the brilliant comedy of the Gorskys wherever you go.

Simply email us your address, and we’ll come and live at your house, and follow you around all day, cracking jokes, singing songs, and offering you advice on whether to drink a coffee or a coke. We can even sleep on the floor in your room if you want, so we can keep you laughing well into the night.

Of course, this personalised, 24 hour-a-day service isn’t free. Prices start at $30,000 per week.

If that’s beyond you, perhaps you can get a web-enabled mobile phone, and use that to surf to the site whenever you’re in need of a Gorskys fix.

Chris’ Answer

There are dozens of ways a young person can entertain themselves. Apart from the obvious one of constant masturbation (which, although fun, can get you kicked out of McDonald’s), perhaps you could take up impersonating us. That way, you can create your own GORSKYS.COMedy in your mind, making up jokes that you think Liam and I might say.

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Fill The Gap