Fantasizes About Women

January 1st, 1997

“I am only 18 and i cant stop fantasising about women what should i do?”


Jo’s Advice

And for what reason do you need to stop fantasising about women?

You’re 18 for crying out loud – this is all you’re supposed to do. Don’t feel ashamed – it’s an unspoken expectation of all males aged between 15 and 25.

In some countries its a competitive sport for the under 25’s. They award points for most imaginative scenario, most exotic looking babe, most wrong – those involving your teacher or best friend’s mother feature here.

So whether you’re competing officially or just taking up the hobby, let your mind run free and fantasise away.

Create your own ideal woman – big tits, small tits, no tits, big bum, wobbly bum, tight bum, red lips, pink lips, black lips (for the Marilyn Manson fans), someone you know, someone you don’t, human, animal, alien, whatever you bloody well like.

Enjoy it! Imagination is a God-given gift. Make Him blush!

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Fantasizes About Women