Falling For Friend

May 8th, 2004

“I’ve been friends with a girl for about five years, and I’m starting to fall in love with her.

Do I tell her how I feel and maybe risk a friendship?

If I do tell her, how do I go about it?”

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Chris’ Answer

One of the trickiest moments in any friendship is when you want to take it to the next level, and shag your pal senseless. On the one hand, you risk rejection, and perhaps your friend even hating you. On the other hand, you get to have sex with someone you really like, respect and enjoy spending time with.

It’s a moment that needs to be handled with care. The rules of romance don’t work in this situation. They just serve to freak your friend out.

For example, giving a girl chocolates is usually considered a good idea if you’re trying to win her affections. But give a friend chocolates, and she’ll just assume your trying to cheer her up and get over her disastrous relationship with her ex, Tony.

Sexy lingerie is often greeted with “Would you like me to try this on for you?” from a romantically inclined friend. But a friend-friend will just say “I would like to try this on for Tony.”

I’d try this: Take her to somewhere nice for dinner. Talk about the good times you have together, and how much you enjoy her company. Tell her that, on a list of ideal women for you, she has a lot more ticks than crosses. tell her that you love her. That you love her because you’re her friend and have had a chance to get to know her. That you can go on being her friend, but that you can’t deny yourself the chance of it being more than that.

Your situation requires delicacy, tact and bravery. Good luck.

Liam’s Answer

Take her to a party, get her drunk, then snog her.

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Falling For Friend