Falling For Creepy Guy

June 14th, 2003

“I’m starting to like creepy guy.

So like this new guy at work is always staring at me. I never paid any attention to him whatsoever, but every time I’m around he stares at me, even if he’s talking with other people.

At first I thought it was totally creepy. But now I find myself attracted to him!

I don’t know what to do! This is messing me up – why am I suddenly infatuated with this creep?!”

Carey Elwin

Liam’s Answer

It’s natural to fall in love with creepy guys who constantly stare at you, and always seem to be waiting outside your house when you look out the window.

At least, I’m hoping so, because that’s my usual technique for picking up chicks.

Chris’ Answer

When someone pays us some attention, it’s normal to feel a little bit flattered. However, you should be really wary of creepy guys. I mean, they’re creepy for a reason, right.

How many horror movies have you seen where a creepy guy chops up everyone and feeds them to his parents? How many times do you read in the papers about rapists and robbers and how creepy they are? All the time.

I’d report this guy to the cops. He may not have done anything yet, but he’s bound too.

Naturally, the police will be reluctant to arrest him for stuff he hasn’t done yet. That’s why you should tell them you think this guys been taking plane lessons and buying fertilizer. They’ll ship him off to Guantanamo Bay in a jiffy.

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Falling For Creepy Guy