Eradicate A Hubby

June 10th, 2008

“I have a jerk for a husband who is trying to allienate my son. He is a rude disgusting slob who I’d like to get rid of permanently, any suggestions ???”

shirley santanello

James’ Answer

Nope. Can’t think of a single thing you can do about that. Unfortunately, becoming unhappy in a life you have chosen to live with another person has never happened to anyone on earth ever before. And furthermore, modern society has no social or legal procedures to remedy this situation. I guess you’re on your own.

Would you mind if we sent some scientists to study you, in case this case ever crops up again.

James Hazelden

Gavin’s Answer

If your son is a rude, disgusting slob, why do you care if your jerk of a husband alienates him?

Gavin Baskerville

Chris’ Answer

Mum! I told you not to write in about this…

But seriously…

Is “allienate” the opposite of “alienate”? Does it mean “to be inclusive”? It sounds like it should.

(PS. She’s not really my mum.)

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Eradicate A Hubby