Was Einstein Smart?

December 13th, 2002

Albert Einstein was a scientist.

Einstein smoking a pipe

“If Einstein was so smart, how come he’s dead?”

D Seebs

Liam’s Advice

Many people think Albert Einstein was a genius. He was a scientist, and that’s supposed to make you very clever. And he has wild bushy hair, which, as everyone knows, makes a normal scientist into a genius.

Even better, Einstein devised a Theory of Relativity that is still used today.

The Theory of Relativity is very complex, and a little beyond me, quite frankly. I think it’s about moving away at the speed of light when your great-aunt wants to give you a kiss at Christmas.

So, is Einstein so smart? No. And here’s why.

Einstein is dead. This means that if you ask him a question, he can’t answer it. Anyone who can’t answer a simple question is stupid. Einstein is stupid. QED.

But Einstein was never smart. His biggest shortcoming was in fact that same Theory of Relativity that made him famous for being smart.

Any smart kid knows that you shouldn’t flee from kiss-attempting aunts at Christmas. Sure, the kiss is awful, but the chocolates and other gifts are worth it.

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Was Einstein Smart?