I Don’t Know What To Say To My Boyfriend

January 1st, 1999


I have a new boyfriend, and he is soo sweet but I don’t know what to say to him, cuz im just speechless around him.

When he calls i dunno what to say, what subject should i bring up?

I dont know what to talk about when im talking to him and we both reallly like each other”

Jackie Lagoy

Liam’s Advice

For goodness sake. Why should you need to know what to say when he calls you? He’s made the call. He should be the one to speak.

What is it that makes girls constantly want to talk on dates anyway. What’s wrong with just constantly snogging. Your boyfriend won’t mind at all if at the start of a date you say “I don’t know what to talk about. Tell you what. Let’s not speak all night. Shag me senseless instead.”

Of course, if he’s like me, after a few hours, he’ll want a short rest. I went out with a girl once who wrote down little questions on a piece of paper the she kept by the bed just for these occasions.

Here’s a few surefire questions that I recall (it’s easy when they’re captured on video), which you can use on your boyfriend.

  • “Who would you rather shag, Britney Spears, J-Lo, or Christine Aguilera? And why?”
  • “If ‘I think, therefore I am’, do I exist when I walk into a room and forget why?”
  • “What’s your favourite sporting moment?”
  • “Is that natural, or did you have an extension?”
  • “What would you like to do to me now?”

Good luck.

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I Don’t Know What To Say To My Boyfriend