Does He Like Me?

March 3rd, 2002

“I like this guy, and at first I thought he liked me back, but now i’m not sure and we flirt, but when we flirt it’s like we mock each other out about stuff, but we are just fooling around, does that mean he could like me?”

Christy L

Liam’s Advice

There’s a theory that when a boy teases a girl, it’s a sure sign he loves her.

But all too often, girls will misinterpret good, honest abuse as good-natured joshing that really means the guy wants to get into your pants.

However, there is a simple way to find out if his abuse means he likes you or not.

Ask yourself “Is it true?”

Are you in fact a fat ugly cow?

Are you the most useless person ever to live?

Do you have a face like the rear end of a cat with diarrhea?

If it is, and he still persists in hanging around to tell you, then not only does he like you, but he’s definitely in love.

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Does He Like Me?