Did I Miss My Chance?

January 1st, 2001

“A guy in the year below got his mate to ask me out for him, but he thought I said no!

Now I really fancy him – and I think he might still like me.

What should i do? Please help me!”

Nicola Gates

Liam’s Advice

I’ve spent most of my life being rejected by girls and never getting over their rejection.

Some call it desperate, but I’ve never got over the day that Libby Caldwell dumped me when we were seven. We useed to spend our after-shools afternoons playing hide and seek and pirates and kick to kick.

All of a sudden, for no reason, she dumped me, and took up skipping with Sally Warren instead.

What I wouldn’t give to have her come crawling back to me now, begging for forgiveness and a chance to walk the plank for old times sake.

Imagine how this poor boy feels. He’s plucked up the courage to ask a friend to ask you out, and you say no. Imagine how much he was teased by his mates. Imagine how sad and depressed he feels. Imagine how you’ve scarred him.

He’ll never get over you.

It’s not every day a girl gets to etch herself indelibly into a boy’s brain.

Enjoy the moment, and make the scar really last: never speak to him again.

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Did I Miss My Chance?