Diana Needs A Nickname

March 23rd, 2007

“Please I need a nickname for me. My name is Diana and I’m a cute , beautiful, funny and amazing girl and I also want the meaning of my name.”

diana kfoury

Liam’s Answer

Diana is the real name of well-known superhero Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is perhaps the best ever superhero, with amazing super-powers and an even more amazing physique. In addition to super-strength, super-speed and a magic lasso, she has anti-gravity breasts.

The Greeks and Romans were so impressed with Wonder Woman, that they turned her into a goddess. The Greeks called her Aphrodite, and the Romans called her Diana. The Romans and Greeks, by the way, spent a lot of time giving the same gods different names. For example, the Greeks called the king of the gods Zeus, but the Romans named him Jupiter. This was most probably due to copyright reasons, in the same way that some people call cola “Coke”, and others call it “Pepsi”.

Like you, Wonder Woman is cute, beautiful, funny and amazing, so my suggestion for your nick name is Wonder Woman, or, as she’s known in the Justice League of America Miss Star-Spangled Panties.

Not only will being known as Miss Star-Spangled Panties get you invited to all the cool parties at school, but you will be able to make a small fortune by registering your nickname on the Internet, and selling pics of yourself on www.missstarspangledpanties.com.

Good luck with your new career.

Chris’s Answer

Like most names that are really common, Diana has been around for thousands of years. It’s a name that’s almost as old as Adam (the oldest name on record), Eve (the second) and Ugh, which isn’t actually on record, but is on a cave painting.

Diana means “divine”, by the way.

Diana is quite an unlucky name. The former Princess of Wales was named Diana, and she died in a car crash, despite being cute, beautiful, funny and amazing. In fact, her name, with it’s connections with god-like powers, did little to protect her. If only she’d been name Fasten Your Seat Belt, she may be with us today.

As for a nickname for you, I suggest CB-FAG which could stand for Cute, Beautiful, Fantastic Amazing Girl, but also makes you sound a little like a homosexual with a penchant for signing off conversations with truckers by saying “10-4. Breaker, breaker”.

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Diana Needs A Nickname