Convince Girlfriend To Have Threesome

September 15th, 2003

“How do I make my girlfriend realise that she wants to have a threesome with me and the bar girl?”


Liam’s Answer

Girls can be a bit thick at times. Even the brunettes. They’ll be out. They’ll meet a gorgeous, hot looking chick, they’ll swap phone numbers. You ask “so, are you going to shag her?” and they’re like “What? No way!”

Talk about wasting their opportunities.

The thing is, though, that many girls actually aren’t sexually attracted to other girls. This is hard for men to comprehend. Men find women attractive, so of course we expect women will find women attractive too.

That women don’t find each other attractive has some bonuses for us blokes though. For starters, it means we get a look in. Your typical ugly bloke would never stand a chance if they had to compete against hot chicks too. Plus, for some reason, women find men attractive.

Take chest hair. I think chest hair on a woman is disgusting. But girls like the hair on my chest.

Take beards. I saw a woman with a beard on a tram once, and was physically sick. It was full on disgusting. But many girls think an unshaved man is gorgeous.

But if you’re sure you want to convince your girlfriend she wants to have a threesome with the bar girl, it’s easy. Simply offer her money. Most likely this will result in you needing to find a new girlfriend. But if you keep making the same offer, you’ll eventually find one who needs a spare bit of cash.

Good luck.

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Convince Girlfriend To Have Threesome