Condescending Boss

April 25th, 2005

“I work for the most condescending person on the entire planet.

The only reason they hired me is because they wanted an intern to do the job that they should pay a real professional about 50k to do.

I hate working here, but have to stay to complete my internship.

How can I deal with this and still be nice?”

Jerrod Nelms

Liam’s Answer

Oh, diddums! It’s so tough to have a condescending boss who asks you to work hard and learn well. Life is so tough for you, and I feel really sorry for you.

Have you thought of just working hard and not whining like a pathetic little dweeb?

Chris’ Answer

By being condescending, your boss is doing you a favour. If you’re an intern, it’s much better to loathe your boss than love him. The last intern to love her boss was Monica Lewinsky, and we all know what happened to her. Her best dress was completely ruined. On an intern’s wage, that really hurts.

What you need is a coping strategy. Most interns eventually resort to the age old technique of turning up to work drunk or stoned, and I’ve got to admit it has a lot going for it. Unfortunately, in this modern day and age, it will often get you sacked.

Instead, my advice is to develop a tough outer shell. Change your personality to help you succeed in the corporate world. Be cynical. Be callous. Be condescending. It worked for your boss after all.

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Condescending Boss