Co-worker Portraits

April 1st, 2004

“Is it wrong to draw pictures of my co-workers in strange naked poses?

Should I stick them up at work?”

Gazooter Boston

Liam’s Answer

No, it’s not wrong to be artistically inspired by your colleagues. In fact, you’re lucky to work with a bunch of people who are prepared to pose for you. Many offices I’ve been in have frowned on me setting up an easel at my desk and doing still lifes of my mouse and stationery. It must be great to work at a place that allows you the artisitic freedom to indulge your passion.

Displaying your work is another matter. Many offices have taken sexual harrassment guidelines to heart, and forbid nude pictures, no matter how tastefully the model has arranged her pubic hair.

However, there is a way you can display your work in an office environment: whack some crappy inspirational message on it, and call it “motivational”.

A tasteful study of your receptionist’s enormous breasts? Try “It is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves.”

A picture of Larry from Accounts, Jeff from the Help Desk and the guy from the mail room looking adoringly at Sue from Communications : “Many hands, many minds, one goal.”

Got a person squatting? Steal the words from that poster with the cat hanging from a branch. You know it. “Oh shit!”

These motivational images will inspire your colleagues, and may even make you money on the side.

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Co-worker Portraits