Can’t Tell If He Likes Me

January 1st, 2001

“I like this guy and people say he likes me but he never calls me or talks to me does he really like me”


Jo’s Answer

Yeah, course he does. I knew, when I was in Kinder, that Andrew Shaw liked me because of the way he threw mud at me at play time. I knew that Jamie Harvey liked me in Grade 6 because he used to chase me down to the shelter shed and then pinch me on the arm. I knew that Scott Grant, a boy I used to catch the train with in Year 9, liked me because he couldn’t ever look at me.

And I even knew that Judith Merril liked me in Year 12 (girls school I’m afraid), because she used to sneak a peak at me when changing for gym.

But none of these people ever talked to me.

Even now, as an adult, conversation tends to be pretty slim. That is until I’ve made it clear that I like them.

Next time you see this guy, call him a few nicknames, make a few jokes with his friends at his expense. Then you should punch him on the arm and give him a Wet Willy.

And if you’re playing kiss chasy, run away from him for a bit (enough to show you really can run fast), but then allow yourself to be caught by him, and then when he goes for the kiss sneak your tongue in for a pash.

If he complies, then he likes you. If, when he catches you he passes you on to his best friend to do the kissing, he’s obviously gay and you should give it all up.

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Can’t Tell If He Likes Me