Calls me Baby

March 1st, 2004

“My boyfriend used to call me “baby” but I found out that’s what he called his ex so he wants me to come up with a new nickname; I need help! (Also what can I call him?)”


Liam’s Answer

Don’t be too keen to make him call you something unique only to you. A good, generic nickname for a lover can save you from yelling out the wrong name whilst in the throes of passion.

I call all my girlfriends “Slut Nuts” so as to avoid embarrassment.

However, if you insist on leaving yourself open to humiliation when one day he accidentally calls you “Muriel”, then I suggest you use our Ultimate Nickname Generator.

Chris’ Answer

Why does everyone feel the need to invent new names for their friends, when they were all given perfectly good names by their parents when they were born? Why is it better to call your girlfriend “Slippery Smile” than “Muriel”?

This obsession with nicknames doesn’t end at loved ones either. We insist on giving nicknames to sports stars: Greg “The Great White Shark” Norman, Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. Michael “Michael Schumacher” Schumacher.

And it’s not like the nicknames are actually any easier to remember than the real name. Except in George W. Bush’s case, where his nick name is just his middle initial. But that’s to keep things simple for him.

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Calls me Baby