Brandon Or David?

March 23rd, 2003

“There is this boy Brandon and this boy David. They both like me and i don’t know witch one to go out with. Please help.”

Anna Fanny Contella

Liam’s Answer

When I am faced with similar dilemmas – and that is surprisingly often – I always attempt to have my cake and eat it. Date them both for as long as you can. Eventually, they’ll both find out within about 24 hours of each other, and you’ll end up single.

Remember, a month dating two people simultaneously is as much dating action as two months with one person. And the stress of it ages you about a year.

Chris’ Answer

I’d ask them to fight for you. There’s nothing more romantic than two blokes boxing each other for a woman’s love. Especially if the girl then decides she doesn’t like blokes who fight, and goes out with someone else.

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Brandon Or David?