Boyfriend Makes My Cat Sick

May 5th, 2002

“I have a major problem. My cat tends to throw up on my boyfriend’s lap just as he comes in and sits down. I love my boyfriend, but I also respect my cat.

Does my cat know something about him and is kitty trying to tell me it?”

Julia the Accident Prone

Liam’s Answer

The very fact that this guy is still hanging around after more than one cat puke incident suggests he is either:

  1. Incredibly in love with you, or
  2. Incredibly desperate.

I’m a firm believer in the psychic abilities of cats. Why there aren’t more cat Lottery millionaires, I’ll never know. But they do have a sixth sense (or in your cat’s case, a sickth sense) which is always right.

Dump the guy, but be nice about it. Offer to pay his dry cleaning bills.

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Boyfriend Makes My Cat Sick