My Boss Is A Waste Of Space

May 24th, 2003

“How do I tell my boss is a constructive way that he is a painful waste of space?

He never planned anything is his life and spends his working day disrupting his team’s work in a loud, humorous, garrulous, offensive and threatening manner.

We’re better off when he mitches off, which he does regularly.”

Billy Organised

Liam’s Answer

Gee, Billy, your boss sounds almost as bad as mine, and I’m self-employed.

The last time I had a boss that shat me to tears, I came right out and told him. It was a staff meeting, and when he said “Are there any questions?”

I said “How come you are the most incompetent, offensive and total jerk that I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting. I mean look at you, you have funny teeth, no hair, and bad breath, yet you seem to think it’s OK for you to make twice as much money as me. Can you please tell me when you expect to die, so I can plan a party for that night?”

And it worked. He’s not my boss any more.

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My Boss Is A Waste Of Space