BO Boss

July 1st, 2008

“My boss has really bad BO and I have to work in close proximity every day and smell it, but I want to keep my job – how do I fix the situation?”

Sie Berreli

James’ Answer

Everyday you must find a convincing and conceivable reason to “accidentally” spill a coffee cup full of 5 litres of warm soapy water over him.

While apologizing for this “mishap” perhaps you could suggest he get out of his wet clothes and into an hermetically sealed concrete bunker several feet below the surface of the earth. Once there any work can be done via the net.

James Hazelden

Gavin’s Answer

I would suggest that the main cause of your problem is that you are working for a hippy. Hippies often smell of B.O. and occasionally bong water. Hippies often try to cover these smells with the use of incense, but as you are no doubt aware, that only adds to the problem.

Some suggestions for discreetly hinting to your boss that there is a problem are:

a) Come to work wearing full scuba gear or a HAZMAT suit.

b) Stop breathing at work until you pass out and then lodge a workers compensation claim.

c)Fart ALOT!

d)Refrain from washing for a few weeks and see if he notices your smell.

e) Bring your boss flowers. LOTS OF THEM.

I hope this advice helps.

Gavin Baskerville

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BO Boss