Big Brother Aura

July 18th, 2002

“Women say that I have a “Big Brother aura”

When I asked some one what they meant by that, they say I am too nice. What does that mean?

Should I be meaner? All Macho and stuff.

Every girl I have ever liked thinks of me as the brother she never had. HELP”


Liam’s Answer

Perhaps you should tell your friends about this Greek guy named Oedipus. He proved that it’s OK for girls to shag people who are close relatives.

Girls often say I have a big Brother aura too. This means that they think I was on an incredibly boring reality TV show, but won a million dollars.

Neither is true, but I’ll let them believe it if it means they’ll sleep with me.

I guarantee if you adopt this as your motto, girls will soon stop thinking of you as ‘nice’.

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Big Brother Aura